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Originally Posted by Mattman View Post

I chose to join the Catholic church and I enjoy it. I am opposed to some of the teachings and I prefer to be guided by my own moral compass. I would tell people whom I think would benefit from membership to the church of how I think they would see a difference in their lives, but I would never force my beliefs down anyone's throat, neither do I think religion and laws should be aligned. The spread of Sharia'a law as a replacement for international common law, for example is a real step back in time and in many ways goes against the progress of mankind to a fairer society.
From the "I chose" comment I'm gonna assume that you weren't baptized as a baby but rather as an adult looked around all kinds of religions and picked Catholicism.
I would honestly be interested in how you approached that choice. Did you compare teaching among religions or maybe at least among the different types of Christianity if you are dead-set on that already? Did you have friends in that church and you wanted the social aspect? Was the church building close by your house/there were no other religious groups available in your town?
I really have a hard time wrapping my mind around you specifically picking something that you know you disagree with some of the teachings.

For my background, I was baptised protestant and as my family isn't very religious so I just ignored it for a while but formally left the church in my mid twenties. It took me that long because protestantism (at least in the form we have here not the crazy baptist sects that you have in Amercia) is much more liberal and reasonable. If I was baptized catholic I would have left in my teens already.
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