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i can see how a child raised in that environment could do what he did. i don't think it necessarily means he would/is offend(ing) again. their community is very rigid in their gender/familial roles (which probably added to the fucked up justification of the molestation as those roles were skewed in a family so big with older children serving as a surrogate parent). he now has an appropriate sexual outlet in his life as an adult. he was a juvenile offender not a grown pedophile. semantics, sure, but i think it's important context.

as far as punishment goes, i don't think i would have handled it that way--i don't know how i would have handled it or how far i would go to hide it-- and they certainly went to the wrong proper authority when the sought state authority, BUT i can get why those people chose to handle it so internally. insular communities do that. shame is a big, big thing. he, as a young teen, even though a juvenile offender, that young'n was publicly humiliated by confessing in front of an entire church and likely never received the counseling needed to overcome whatever it was that had him justifying his actions to himself. that's fucked up. 14 year olds are not the best at handling anything. even themselves sometimes.

as much as his sisters were victims, i think he himself was a victim of similar circumstance. it's a complicated situation that i don't think it best served, even if just an exercise at handling grown juvenile offenders, by not actually thinking about how this could have happened and that these are real people who are still family who have to move forward together somehow from this really dark thing that happened to them. will we give them the opportunity to do that? are we going to do the same by demanding all of their humiliation be broadcast to us? how important is our need to visibly see these people suffer above and beyond what they've all suffered for the last 12 years?

that being said, dumbfuck move for going on national television with that out in the world. i can't help but feel like they brought so much of it on themselves. but, again, is that justification for us to enjoy it so much?
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