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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
well, let's try.

we have a 14 year old juvenile offender who molested a half dozen people. what's fair punishment and how do we make sure that child still has a future. that's how we handle juveniles; with an intent to preserve the rest of their lives.
Ok. Ok. Don't hate. I'm just boobs and no brains. But here's my best go.

Proper sex ed, super important. Group therapy can help but it's really important that separate therapy be a thing too. When I say he should be reported to the authorities, it is NOT to be sent to prison. It's to get help. There are two really big issues: Either he'll never realize the error of his ways making him a legit danger to society, or he'll see the error of his ways and feel regret. There are solutions, albeit not perfect, to both.

If he doesn't understand that what he did was wrong, criminal court and possibly prison is the safest way to go to prevent future sexual crimes.

If he does understand and feels that guilt, and if it's possible, talking to his "victims" could give both parties closure. Also, becoming a leader among other sexual attackers looking to change their ways could also help him overcome his own guilt and improve life rather than decrease it.

No matter what way it goes though, therapy therapy therapy. For everyone! I think everyone should be talking to someone anyway, but in cases like these, its important to talk to someone who will never ever say "I understand what you're going through" because you don't understand. Even if you go through the EXACT SAME THING you are a different person and you don't understand.

Situations like this, there is no growing up normal, not even mentally healthy. But on the plus side, no one is mentally healthy. The only people who can truly control where their life takes them after that shit, is them. So I'm overstepping my boundaries making assumptions. It's just...personal perspective.
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