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Born protestant, non-practicing family. Did a lot of self-reflection when I got divorced and became single-parent. I never thought I "needed" church, because I was so smart and knew everything (I thought)! In my mind the church was for people who needed a crutch to lean on. Being religious was sign of weakness, I thought.

Then I met someone for whom I had more respect as a person than anyone else I had ever met. She was a convert to Catholicism, but certainly not a weak person. I guess what I saw was what the church meant to her and how her view of the world and relationships was strengthened. It's really difficult to put into words, but it was something I could see and feel. For me, joining the church gave me a degree of humility, which I kinda needed. I did not become a bible basher, although I did study for my confirmation - being older and having experienced life, I could appreciate learning more than most born-to-it Catholics. I joined for me, but my close friend was surprised, and happy. We got married about a year later, in Church.

Oh, and I am English, living in South East Asia for the last 30-plus years, Lanfear.

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