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Originally Posted by iheartnihilism View Post
Started Ori and the Blind Forest last weekend.
it's lovely like Dust and Child of Light mixed together and it's challenging like Super Meat Boy (but not as insane). Lots of hidden things to find which you need to unlock skills and once you unlock certain skills (double jump, breathe under water, etc.) you're able to reach new areas on the same "maps" to find more hidden things.

It's pretty dope.

In other news I'm pissed Uncharted got pushed back a year. Got a refund but id rather have gotten a refund on The Order and waited for Uncharted. Womp womp.
I just started Ori and the Blind Forest yesterday (I bought like 12 games from the Steam summer sale, so I'll be busy with them awhile). Beautiful graphics, and the gameplay is just the right amount of difficulty for a casual night of gaming. I've heard the gameplay is similar to Metroid, which I can definitely see.

I'm also playing this Earthbound-like game called "Lisa", about a man in the future trying to save his adoptive daughter in a world where there's no women left on earth. It's got a very wry sense of humour which I'm enjoying.

I also started playing some party games at my friend's place on Friday nights. We played these arena brawlers called Towerfall Ascension and Duck Game, both are a TON of fun, and we throw in the Spelunky versus mode sometimes too.

Oh yeah, my steam ID is if anyone wants to add me.

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