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Originally Posted by Oh Dear View Post
Please do yourself a favor: DO NOT PREORDER GAMES

There is no longer a need to give your money away to a company well in advance of their product release. It's all digital, so there's no need to 'reserve' your copy of game. Pre-ordering just separates you from your capital with upside or benefit.

I could go on and on about the laziness of companies and other such absurdities, but I'll stop here.

Have fun playing your games; Dragon Age is amazing!

It's all a lie...
I don't do it to ensure I get the game, i do it cause I know myself and I probably will hem and haw over spending 60$ on a game. This way, I've spent $60 already and when these games come out my brain can rationalize it like "oh, it's only $40!" I have to fool myself sometimes...
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