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Originally Posted by Oh Dear View Post
Please do yourself a favor: DO NOT PREORDER GAMES

There is no longer a need to give your money away to a company well in advance of their product release. It's all digital, so there's no need to
I don't think anyone thinks that anymore, despite the marketing of some companies. I preorder games I know I will when I know I want the pre-order offers they give. There surely are plenty of games that have fucked us with broken products lately, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Arkam Knight, but not every publisher is guilty of this.
Last game I pre-ordered was PersonaQ for the tarot cards and 3DS carrier. Next game I will pre-order is Persona 4 Dancing All Knight for the DLC, Vita carrying case and game OST.

The companies fucking over consumers have gernallly been the biggest riches guys, EA, WB, who release yearly titles and rushed content. I pretty much only pre-order JRPGs. Those don't get patches
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