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Originally Posted by WSEIII View Post
Ben Lerman is a great singer/songwriter. The fact that he's gay does nothing to diminish that.
Hey Bill. I can tell you have a big heart. You like KATG. A lot. I respect that.

This nicety being said.

It really is the epitome of homophobia to announce, "Hey! This artist is great. EVEN IF he likes dudes. I realize this type of numb-skullery passes for 'liberal' in the culture you've been raised. So I say the following.

I want you to picture a male singer you like. A nice brazen, heterosexual like...oh...I don't know. Let's go with the great Chet Haze. You'd never announce, "I love the carefully crafted lyrics of ol Chet Haze." Then announce, "He likes women!" As an aside/ compliment.

I realize my spot on, incredible comparison, your brain cannot comprehend. However. I like to think that there's hope. Cheers, buddy.
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