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KATG Tour fan business


As we all know by now Keith and The Girl and friends are going on tour. I know im excited and I hope the rest of you are as well.

We don’t know all of the dates yet but know a few and as we know more we will add them to this list

Lets use this as a place to get to know each other and and meet up before the shows and share a meal and or an adult drink.

The people that know me know how shy I am and going up to some stranger is not something I could ever do. Nah im kidding about being shy but ill help you out if you are.

Guys lets do this

If you are going to a show mention it in here and maybe meet other people who are going to the same show. When you post share info like your twitter and follow each other and start talking to eachother. Trust me we will all find things we have in common with everyone.

If you have any questions please ask on here or mail me with anything I can help you with to

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