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Guess who is a new apprentice at Keith and the Girl?

Me! And I'm super excited to be hosting a series of chat parties after the Sunday night live Keith and The Girl shows. We'll be live from the Keith and The Girl studios and we want you to be live at!

Live KATG show starts at 6pm EST
Chat Party starts at 8pm EST Sunday October25th after the show

Every week we'll start with fan question for Keith and Chemda. Really! We can ask them anything we want! And they will answer! I know you have questions - about the week's episodes, about the tour, about all KATG related things!

E-mail questions to me at

And no self-censorship! Making things awkward doesn't scare me!

Of course its not just questions for Keith and Chemda. We are also going to have some great guests from the upcoming KATG tour. Katharine Heller. Ray DeVito. Danny Hatch. Lauren Hennessy.

This is OUR party. Our chance to take over and do whatever the hell we want. Our chance to really party!

We are going to be live on air and on cam for the PARTY! SUPER CHAT PARTY! THIS SUNDAY, October 25th.

Check out the Facebook page and share with friends.

Let's take this to VIP Platinum status! Send me your questions!

Hope to see everyone in at 8pm right after the live show at 6.



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