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Originally Posted by John Harvey View Post
So you have him on the show multiple times including setting him up with the Hot Mess girls, and only now you're shitting on him? You've got a genuine grievance, I'm surprised this didn't come up earlier, like before you went to his house and gushed over how great it was.

I think you could call Jackie out for being an old perv without stooping to shitting on his comedy that you've promoted multiple times (maybe more than any other comic this year?).

Fucking women, so fucking irrational and unreasonable.

I'd been friends with this girl for a while, then one night we got drunk and I raped her. When I was done, she seemed upset for some reason. I said "What - can't you take a fucking joke, you uptight cunt?", and the stupid bitch carried on like I'd said something offensive.

The irony was, her cunt was anything but uptight when I'd finished with her!!!!

Bloody women. Can't live with 'em, and can't even squeeze their arses!!
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