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John Harvey
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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
We certainly wouldn't want to be disrespectful.

John, you're a moron. I really thought I already explained this to you, and yet you keep having your opinions.
You don't need to jump right to namecalling, it's a perfectly reasonable opinion. If he was always a creepy perv then why keep having him back on? Why introduce him to Andrea and Emily specifically so he can talk about their tits for an hour? If you had a relationship that can be described as friendly, then why shit on him in public? Why not just move on with your lives and cut contact, stop inviting him on and picking up the phone?

Chemda is of course bang-on with her objections to his behaviour and it sounds like she could have called him out earlier with good reason. But I think shitting on his comedy when you guys have been complimentary about him in the past makes you sound a bit hypocritical.

PS, furor(e) is indeed a word.
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