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Originally Posted by John Harvey View Post
You don't need to jump right to namecalling, it's a perfectly reasonable opinion. If he was always a creepy perv then why keep having him back on? Why introduce him to Andrea and Emily specifically so he can talk about their tits for an hour? If you had a relationship that can be described as friendly, then why shit on him in public? Why not just move on with your lives and cut contact, stop inviting him on and picking up the phone?
I'm going to take a not so wild guess here and assume money was involved in how often he called in?
I see you are VIP and that is awesome but unfortunately not everybody is able to support that way.

And I would assume he was always low level weird but a) you can't call out everybody for being weird and b) work is work
But even if work is work at some stage a tipping point is reached and blatant groping in public is simply unacceptable.

I can't comment on Andrea & Emilys show as I haven't heard it but they are very clever girls from all I've seen so even if Chemda hadn't given them a heads up (I would guess she did) they are absolutely in charge enough to decide whether they WANT to talk about their tits with somebody.

(Talking about tits is not a bad thing btw, you Americans are too weird about tits in general)
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