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Great episode, Kliph's book sounds wonderful.

So bummed that Jackie put Chemda through that ridiculousness. Proud and glad that she outed his creepy old ass - may the same fate befall all boundary violating sacks of shit. Creeps count on everyone being too uncomfortable to call out their creepiness. Drain the swamp.

Relieved the call-ins are over. I sorta liked listening to Keith laugh at (not WITH) the sad old man, but Martlin was the worst part of any show he was on. There was something really dark and tragic about KATG indulging this pitiful, condescending old hack that didn't seem to know he wasn't even a D-Lister anymore. It was fascinatingly pathetic - a tremendous car wreck but terrible radio.

It had gotten to where I'd groan out of reflex when his dumb loud voice came on to ruin 5 minutes of the show. Won't miss the Jackie "the Jokebookreadaloudman" Martlin on KATG.

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