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Listening to this, I couldn't help but think that Mary was a bit odd, had a tendency to rub people the wrong way, and lacked some social intelligence. But, she liked to blame it on 'it's because I'm a woman' and 'society/Hollywood is biased against women'. It didn't seem like that to me. It seemed to me that she was making a lot of individual mistakes and scapegoating misogyny to avoid blame and get people on her side. It seemed like most of her stories sounded like she was only telling half of the story, like she was leaving out bad things that she did that would make more sense out of the situation - like maybe she was difficult to work with, but was never telling that side of the story. I was also thinking how inappropriate it was for her to physically attack a security guard.

For some reason, Chemda (who I think is usually very rational), seemed to go along with the misogyny explanation without really noticing how Mary seemed to be creating her own problems. Yeah, I know that some people might interpret "she's difficult to work with" as code for "women need to follow their socially prescribed roles as submissive", but listening to her talk I couldn't help but think that's not what happened with her.

Out of curiosity, I googled "Mary Sean Young" and "difficult" and found a number of articles mentioning that she was difficult to work with, even appearing on an IMDB list of 19 actors/actresses who are difficult to work with: "She likes to exert “creative control” over co-workers. Famously tried to break up a meeting between Michael Keaton and a studio executive (reportedly dressed as Cat Woman) after having missed out on a part in Batman Returns. She also is known for “always getting drunk during inappropriate occasions"".
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