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On the defense contractor thing - the issue was only about where to situate the F-35 planes, whether in South Carolina, Florida or Vermont. The planes had already been built by that time, and that wasn't what Bernie was voting on. His vote was to bring in more jobs in Burlington by supporting the military industrial complex. Is it hypocritical when a huge point of his campaign is about railing against the defense industry? Yes, but I can understand where he's coming from with that decision. And that's one of the few blunders of his political career. Another one being his support of the 1994 crime bill that ended up incarcerating a disproportionate amount of minorities (which Hillary supported too, to be fair). Although he explains his decision in detail on his own website.

The reasons why I want him to be president far overpower any small amount of political blunders he's had over the course of 30+ years. It'll be a million years before we get a candidate who is 100% perfect and right on absolutely every issue. I think Elizabeth Warren is about as close as we can get, but she ain't running and I don't think she will (assuming a Rep. doesn't take office, which won't happen).

On his campaign, Chemda & Tim are both right. It's the media's fault for giving Bernie only a fraction of air-time and misleading viewers with inaccurate figures, and it's complete understandable considering their corporate interests. I guarantee you that if they gave him and the other main candidates all equal air-time with actual facts, he would be in the lead right now. In 2008, Obama had only been a first-term senator, and Clinton was the assumed frontrunner. But because he wasn't a threat to the establishment (in fact he took even more money from super PACs than Hillary), they gave him plenty of attention and he came out on top by the end of the primaries. He would have also been the first black president, which obviously helped a lot. That being said, Tim's right in that the Sanders campaign should have taken the media more into consideration. If he doesn't end up winning, both are at fault, sad as it may be. Although to Bernie's credit, he could have run as an Independent (which was his affiliation for decades), but he would have gotten 0 media attention, so he decided to run on the Democratic ticket. That, at least, was a smart decision.

Something to consider: latest NY poll has him 12 points behind (42-54). That's up 20-something from the last one, and it's a reliable poll. He doesn't need to blow out NY, he doesn't even need to win. If he's within 10 points, he's still be within reach of the nom. But just as a warning: Chemda, Keith & everyone else voting on April 19th; check your registration status. The Clinton camp & the NY Democratic Committee will pull anything to secure her the win, and I'm already seeing reports of people being de-registered from Democrat, the same exact thing that happened in Arizona. Check it out, yo:
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