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Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
I am so much more mad at you for not getting this point because based on what I read from you in the past I thought you were a clever dude.

People in general are dumb dumbs. Super sad I know but look at those Trump numbers.

I read the number, you did, Sparrow did we all got it but do you really feel comfortable to argue that this image is not meant to give a biased picture?
I barely even paid attention to the picture because it isnt represented as a graph. I think you're way overstating the difference in color proportion anyway. Those legs are pretty scrawny. And those antlers are hardy and full of life. I appreciate you thinking I'm a clever dude. I was only trying to share the actual information presented on the graphic and that he still has a great chance as did Obama. I definitely wasnt trying to start an argument with a couple of chicks on a forum, especially when I think the core of all three of our beliefs are probably pretty similar.

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