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Oh man. Great episode, great guests, lots of thoughts.

I kinda agree with Michael more. If it was between her and Trump, I might just have to hold my nose and vote for her. Although just about everything that comes out of her mouth makes me question that decision more and more. According to last night's Town Hall, she apparently doesn't need Bernie's supporters, and that she has MILLIONS more votes than him!! (even though that number conveniently excludes caucuses, of which Bernie has won most). She'll flip on the TPP as soon as she "doesn't need those progressive voters anymore", and I seriously don't know that I can trust her with other important issues.

But of everything that's happened thus far, what with the proven fraud in NYC including the exit polling discrepancy, other disenfranchisement laws to benefit her and the establishment, the recent proof of Chicago election fraud on the Clinton camp's part, the "CorrectTheRecord" bullshit that's happening, literally buying the support of superdelegates in August of last year, you can just chalk that up to politics as usual?! Maybe on the Republican side, but go ahead and point out one thing from Obama's '08 run that stooped to that level. Here's some shitty tactics she pulled in that campaign too: questioning Obama's Christianity, trying to mislead voters into thinking he's Muslim with an ad, mentioning that "We all remember how Bobby Kennedy was assassinated" at the end of the primaries in '68 when questioned about her abilities to stay in the race after she was losing, the fact that she deliberately remained on the Michigan ballot even after those delegates were compromised (Obama, Edwards, Biden all pulled out)...

Look, Obama's just as much a part of the establishment as she is, and she's not the only one pulling strings, but you have to admit that she's a lot shadier than most Democratic politicians, not to mention her laundry list of lies.

I really don't know if Trump will be the nominee. I mean if he's not, there's going to be riots in the street. But the fact that he has the worst chances of winning the general against Clinton, or the fact that Cruz & Kasich are working together to try to stop Trump & make it to the convention almost proves they'll end up saying "fuck the voters!" and pick one of them. If the republicans have any sense at all, they'll make Kasich the nominee, because he's the only one that actually beats Clinton in the polls. But yeah, no chance in hell I'm voting for Trump. You're risking the lives of not only our citizens, but of civilians in the Middle East. War is the one thing the president has the most power over, and the idea of Trump or Cruz making those decisions makes me wanna barf.
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