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Originally Posted by Thataboy View Post
Which makes sense when you think about it. If Hillary wanted to use this as a tactic, why would she employ it after securing the Democratic nomination but not before? She already won, so what's the gain doing this?

From a shadiness standpoint, it makes no sense for Clinton to have been shady for the past six weeks. She's had the Democratic nomination on something like 95% lockdown since March 15th, when she effectively eliminated Sanders from contention. I said it then: she developed a campaign strategy designed around opening up a delegate lead that would simply be impossible to close provided she kept it close. She's barely been engaging Sanders since then, and for good reason. A boxer winning on points through eight rounds doesn't need a knockout, and neither did she.

I don't love Hillary, but I've got to wonder at what point sexism comes into play with something as competitive as politics. She's a politician, and our expectations regarding acceptable limits within competition for men and women are just different. Maybe that causes people to bite more on (later debunked) theories like this.
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