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Yikes. Maybe since I'm not a comic/artist and don't rely heavily on FB for communication with my people, I don't understand how a one sentence comment on a share could be THAT embarrassing to either parities involved. I do get how it could be a slight to the subject in question, but it did't seem that calculated or underhanded. Seriously, I feel like most people don't think twice before posting the dumbest shit on FB... 1 like = 1 prayer!

It was entertaining (video is a must watch), but it felt nit-picky and very overblown. I appreciate trying to get Chrissy on the phone so she could be in the conversation, but she definitely got ambushed, and I can't imagine having to go back to a work meeting after that. Love you, Kerryn but you are, in fact, a bitch. At least everyone agreed on that point. Honestly, I just hope she doesn't any ill feeling toward Chemda after all this :/ Looking forward to Chrissy on the next ep!

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