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This totally didn't go into the direction I expected.

I obviously don't know PR mode facebook etiquette but I would have expected that when you post about somebody you as the original poster were supposed to tag the person anyway; e.g. "My friend XYZ is publishing a book woohooo so proud see article attached"
So when I first heard the story I though Kerryn was mad because she didn't do that and Chrissie passive agressively pointed that out by commenting?

After Kerryn explained what her problem was I get it (yes everybody should do a minimum level of research like at least clicking on a link, I'm mad about people asking stupid questions like that as well) but there must have been quite a bit of bubbling drama in the past for that to explode in this way.

Kerryn I love you being bitchy and you and Myka were so amazing during KATG weekend in April but wow this epiosde was harsh.
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