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A big part of the problem as I see it is that the line between Danny's self-deprecating shtick and Danny's actual insecurity is so fuzzy as to be nonexistent. I used to feel like I was playing along with Danny's "I'm worthless" character until it seemed to me that he would genuinely be affected negatively by it.

Danny, you're truly a funny guy and I think you make me laugh out loud more often percentage-wise than anyone on the entire KATG network, K & TG included.

I also, frankly, think you're far funnier than the Shane's Dad bit. At this point, it's a one-note joke like an SNL skit that they keep bringing back week after week when it was really only funny the first time. I'm not telling you to stop the bit if that's a space you're truly interested in exploring. It's just not for me.

A huge portion of us have followed your entire journey here on KATG--not by accident--and I applaud you for continuing to find your comedic voice.

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