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Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Also fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you and welcome to my shitlist, Erik.
Thank you.

I don't even care about the bit. It's your show and your right to experiment. What I'm commenting on is your response to the feedback. If you had acted this way when you first started, you wouldn't be where you are.

You have a forums set-up for your show, clearly you want audience feedback. Didn't the Shane Mauss bit always get mixed reviews since you started doing it? You had to know an hour-long episode of the bit would get a reaction.

I didn't used to listen to TTSWD on a regular basis when you first started, but I've become a fan over the past year or so. However, hearing your "fuck you, audience. I know what's funny" attitude over the last few episodes is insulting. It's not balls, it's stubbornness and it's a step in the wrong direction.
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