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In regards to the Johnny Depp video and Amber being super calm-I dealt with someone in my life that had a pretty bad temper. The only thing that seemed to help the majority of the time (not every single time) was to stay calm, not fight with them or speak in raised tones. Also, he sounded pretty drunk, I doubt he really noticed vocal inflections that would cue him to the fact that he was recording. He seemed consumed with rage, that's all he was focused on. And I doubt that was the first time he spoke that.

Also, mental health professionals/people who will be coming into contact with potential mentally ill/substance toxicity/volatile people are specifically trained to keep your voice even, not raised, no matter how much the other person is freaking out. It is one of the first steps in de-escalating someone. Not saying that is what Amber was doing, but there is some data to back up the urge to stay calm and quiet during w situation like this.

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