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You have a beautiful "cry face"

OMG ! I can handle Libby crying,but every time Chemda tears up,it destroys me.

You are probably getting sick of stories so I'll keep mine age 32 I was diagnosed with breast cancer...(kicked the shit out of that) at 47 with lung cancer.. still working on that one..

The best advice I ever got was to go somewhere alone( the mountains,a private beach, anywhere you can be truly by yourself) and scream and yell and cuss and cry at the top of your lungs. Its really healing and ,for me anyways lets you just get it all out. (Thats for you and Hennessey,you should just do it separately)

As far as where you will be in a year..You have to let your fans worry about that. We will not let you disappear...even if you want to

Be strong,and know that we are all here if you need us
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