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I'm so sorry you are having to go through this Chemda, it fucking sucks.

As I've mentioned a few times, I had thyroid cancer in 2010; I can't remember what the specific names of it was, I had two different types, but they were the lowest and easiest to treat. It still sucked to go through it. I had to have 2 surgeries and radioactive iodine treatment. Before I had the iodine, I had to be on this stupid diet two weeks before the treatment and a week after the treatment. I had to have low iodine don't realize how much fucking iodine is in EVERYTHING. And Red dye 40... I also had to be off all my medications except my insulin. So that meant I wasn't on any kind of thyroid medication and off of my anti-depressant. I was a treat to be around. My poor husband, who is an excellent chef, had to deal with my tantrums over what I couldn't eat. He tried to cook me what he could...I was very much a brat sometimes. I cried over not being able to have buffalo wings. You are allowed to feel this. After taking the radioactive iodine, I had to be sequestered in my room for three full days, plus had to wash my sheets several times, couldn't have my cat with me, husband couldn't sleep in the same bed as me. I ended up sleeping a lot, which is the best thing for your body as it is fighting/repairing things.

During this time, I found out who my true friends and family were. I was lucky to have family who were willing and able to financially help us out. My husband took it hard and tried to keep it to himself. It did help at the time that we moved into our first house and he was able to work overtime several times. I was lucky to have a decent recovery. I was NOT the healthiest person at the time either, overweight, diabetes was not controlled, I didn't have any major complications.

People need to sign up for VIP and donate because the medical bills will be outrageous. I was getting bills two years later. They will all work with you though. You can be on payment plans; sometimes you qualify for medical assistance. I had to take the nonchalant attitude when they tried to get hard on me-"Haven't worked for a while, just got the house, I can give you $50 bucks right now...or nothing at all, and I will hang up if you keep trying to be a dick.

I also have to have a thyroid ultrasound once a year just to make sure it didn't come back. Not sure if they'll do the same to you or not, I'd be surprised if they didn't want some just in case imaging for a few years to make sure the fucker doesn't come back.

This is the perfect time to tell people to fuck off who aren't in your circle. That includes attitude nurses/techs/whoever. Mention JCOHA ( Joint commission on health care association, basically the Big Brother for all hospitals) and especially HIPPA violations if they are saying your shit to people who don't need to hear it. You don't have to take any abuse.

In terms of females I'd like to see on the show as a guest host:
- Marcia Belsky
- Kerryn Feehan
- Sidnee Washington
- Katharine Heller
- Judy Gold
- Wendi Starling
- Christi Chiello
- Justy Dodge
- Molly Knefel
- Carmen Lynch
- Chrissy Mayer
- Libby of course
- Emily Lubin
- Andrea Allan
- Sharron Paul
- Rae Sanni
- Liz Miele
- Mara Wilson
- Sara Benincasa
- Amber Nelson
- Joyelle Nicole

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