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Danny and I share an improv comedy hero -- Paul F. Tompkins. On PFT's old podcast, "The Pod F. Tompkast," he used to begin by rambling some dialog off the top of his head, and it was the greatest, funniest thing. Danny is the only other comedian I know of, who can improv-ramble that well (maybe even better, because Danny does it at hyper-speed). Here's an example from this episode of TTSWD. It's fucking brilliant:

"Everyone loves golf, especially your fucking dad ... we get it dad, you love golf, you’re a dad, all dads love golf, that’s not a personality trait, that’s just a dad being a dad, so that’s cool for your dads if your dads want to bond with you about something, you can say, "hey, I hit a white ball with a metal club today," and … or are they metal even? I think ... is Titanium a metal? Titanium sounds like a metal, and, again, wood … woodshop? Is that where you learn what … or metal shop? We don’t have a metal shop at our school, so I guess our woodshop teacher is going to have to teach you what metals are, because I don’t have time ... but golf club, that’s good."


Oh, and I forgot about this great quote from the last show: "M.I.T. That stands for Men Isn't The only ones who go there ..."
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