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A few things to think about/plan for during recovery from surgery, some of the hardest parts of recovery after a major surgery:

Bathing yourself
Going to the bathroom
Getting in and out bed

If I remember correctly you have a loft style bed, prepare your space for a bed that you can get in and out easily, maybe a bed set up on the floor of your living room space?

For an independent person it's VERY frustrating to ask for help each time you have to go potty, lean on the help, you will be better off with it... You don't want to hurt yourself more by falling down or something while going to the bathroom...

These are things I recommend you think about based on personal experience, and what I saw my dad go through during some gnarly medical stuff..

I know it's not stuff that is fun to think of, but you will be less stressed/frustrated if you have a plan squared away ahead of time.

Sending you loving & healing energy. I have been thinking about you a lot during my yoga classes, wish I could give you a huge hug.

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