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Pardon me, forum people, as I address Libby directly.

My dearest, darling, beautiful, talented, charismatic, hard-working, brilliant Libby: I owe you a gi-normous apology. I have been a bad, bad Phillips Head. So bad, in fact, that I’ve been teetering on the verge of Flat-Headedness. On this most recent episode, you mentioned that you’d had a sharp dip in positive feedback on the forums. I blame myself. For the past two or three episodes, I haven’t left my usual five-paragraph, bloviating (and let’s be honest, crush-laden) essay about how much I adore you and every episode of your show. This must have left a rather large hole in your forum threads. I assure you the dip in feedback (my portion of it, anyway), has nothing to do with any dip in the quality of your show (I love them all) or any dip in your charm factor (which is always an 18 out of 10 in my book). I’ve just had a busy couple weeks, and – I swear this is true – I’ve been feeling crazy guilty about not taking the time to tell you how fantastic each and every episode has been.

I’m constantly amazed at how much work you manage to get done in any given week, especially leading up to, during, and after Chemda’s football-ectomy. In addition to preparing your own show, coordinating remote What’s My Name shows, and guesting nearly everywhere, you’ve done such an amazing job scheduling interim hosts for KATG. They’ve all been SO excellent, though you were OBVIOUSLY my favorite. All this on top of your usual guest-wrangling duties and everything else you do. I’m so pleased to see you pop up as host, guest or merely cheap-seat laugher (I love that laugh so much) on any VIP show, as well as on the Big Show.

Anyhoo – I always tell Danny he can never disappoint me, show-wise. It’s not possible. This is obviously true of the Big Show (which I’ve loved fiercely for 10 years, and they’ve never had a single bad episode) and it’s now true of Wrap It Up – and your every appearance elsewhere. Any show is an automatic winner for me as soon as I hear your voice or that laugh. You continue to be the sun in my sky, the stars in my … other sky, the grass in my pasture, the Starbucks in my paper cup, and so on, and so on.

I hope I’ve made up for my gross negligence here. You are the best greatest woman.

Your most-adoring Phillips Head,

"May the bridges you burn light the way."

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