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Specific Unknown

I listened to this episode only, setting in a dull office cubical at work. Only hearing Danny and his comments or the silence between them. So comments like "All these songs could easily be 2 minutes shorter, Oh God another Song, This movie is making me hate the guitar. Made me feel his pain, and shock / sadness of when he split a little beer.
Perhaps the best quote is "You can flip over to something else and I'll tell you when to flip back." This was just before the rape parts. Oddly enough he does tell you when to return, prior to the movie ending.

If you are open to listener suggestions. When the solo shows come up, have a guest on. You seem more comfortable with someone on with you, the just you and Myka talking on her show was great. If that is not enough put a subject to it. Like have Molly K. on and talk about how you both found The Hold Steady and go from there. - just thought, ignore if you like
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