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How fortuitous, I was planning on quitting my job today anyway! Hearing this show on the way into work helped me go through with it. My company's been pretty good to me so I didn't get the added fun of a rage quit, but boy does it feel good to see freedom in my future two weeks from now.

Also loved that Peggy's Philly accent hasn't left her after leaving more than a decade ago!

The NFL draft was a ridiculous event, it completely shut down one side of the city for a week. For the friggin draft, which is one of the most boring drawn out events in the whole NFL calendar (for the record I'm a big fan of watching football, just not of watching college players I've never heard of shake hands with fat old piece of shit owners, who get to stand up there like THEY did something other than be fat and rich). That said, I did watch all the videos of Roger Goodell getting booed endlessly. If there's one thing Philly excels at it's a good boo.
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