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I feel you Witty, this hit me harder than the death of any other artist I can remember. Cobain and Ledger left their marks, but I don't remember shedding a tear. This though, I put on Room's a Thousand Years Wide from Motorvision when I heard the news and broke down. Surprised even myself how deep they'd got into my soul.

Originally Posted by WittyReference View Post
Early Seattle Grunge definitely had a glam influence mixed with metal and while it has similarities with Hair Metal, I'd say the hair side is more synonymous with being about the party. Seattle was more about Bowie and T-Rex. Maybe.
There must have been a reason the music got darker there? The first Gulf War?
Keith's dead right that Mother Love Bone fit right in with the glam scene, but Soundgarden always had more of a harder, darker, weirder vibe. Right from Ultramega OK in 1988 they had too much of that bleak Seattle streak and down and down-tuned dirty aggression to their sound to really fit in with what was making the big $$$ at that time.

As for what lead to that darker thing getting so big, yeah there was the first Gulf War, but I think moreso it was the economic downturn triggered initially by the stock market crash in the late, Reagan-fucked 80s which lead to a recession in the early 90s. Plus there was that whole looming end of an entire millennium thing.

That, plus rock was always evolving, so it felt natural that there'd be some reaction away from the party rock that held sway in the 80s.

(I don't know what's happened to rock since the early 00s though. It seems like after the Strokes/White Stripes-lead garage rock thing and the At The Drive In-lead post-hardcore thing there hasn't been an interesting "movement" in the genre ever since. Or maybe I'm just old af.)
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