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Originally Posted by FingerLakes View Post
I get it. Rape fantasy is a real thing for many people. Just you know, in a controlled environment with someone you choose who is not actually raping you. It's a game.

But from her own description you can tell she's into the absolute worst men who treat her like shit so she's it's no surprise she's into rich, assholes with lots of power who are emotionally unavailable and then treat you like a sexual object behind closed doors (like the men on Handmaid's Tale.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude and I get that rape fantasies are common, and completely valid. That said, I think that the handmaid's tale is cold, sterile, and completely devoid of any real lust or passion (outside of her scenes with luke and later scenes with nick). It's not like we're talking about Troy here, with what's her name being taken as captive by Brad Pitt. Or even 50 shades, which was also about a fucked up power dynamic, but done in a sexy(or attempt at sexy) way. And I think the show went out of its way to be not sexy and not rape famtasy like, but instead focus on the raw horror of what is happening to these people. That's what has me confused.
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