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Originally Posted by lizsquiz View Post
I actually do hate fidget spinners.
Why the hate, I love them and my son really gets a lot out of them.
My son in autistic and sometimes when he is stressed out I can hand him a fidget spinner and he can focus on playing with it and you can see him physically relax. It's much less disruptive than him tapping on things and let me tell you this kid, he has a black belt when it comes to tapping. He puts his fingers together and is so loud. I've tried to tap as loud as he does and it hurts my fingers.

I've also given fidget spinners to my nieces and nephews, it's fun watching them spin. Who doesn't like to watch things spin?
I like to drop straw rappers on them while they spin, the rapper goes flying and he (ed. my son) giggles every time.

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