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Originally Posted by BadAsh View Post
Sorry you didn't like them memecherry. I agree, it was a lot. But this one doesn't quite work on me, because I don't care if you read them or not. They weren't FOR you, they were for me.

Also, not classy. "Big ole pussy" doesn't seem like lady language. Come on now.

I hear you. I sound much more like a bitch than a badass here. But what do I care about how cool I am, unless I was trying to fuck you guys? Random internet strangers. But I'm not, so I don't care. Sorry.

It's only about giving the alternate perspective that it's not cool degrading someone's body parts, based on wrong information. Sorry you can't see that perspective as being worthwhile to express.

Yeah, I didn't make it clear enough. I'm not complaining about Keith's JOKE. I'm complaining about Keith's SERIOUS OPINION. Which he has articulated in seriousness many many times. Which is based on inaccurate info. And is degrading to uncut men.
Suck my invisible dick from the back, is that lady like enough for you asshat?

Also, my dick is invisible, but it's still prettier than yours... nah nah nah nah!

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