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I'm so glad I waited the 40 minutes for my slow internet to download the video for this ep, because
1) I got to see every detail in your faces during this heart wrenching talk. Also

2) I cried

3) The animalistic drinking was totally worth it! MNIK was my favorite VIP special and, besides needing to go back to the eps where you and Chemda told the audience you were no longer together, it was the reason I got VIP! Since Keith doesn't have a vagina, alcohol is the only other power I can think of that can make [male] comics open up and be vulnerable the way they were on MNYK. But if you're gonna get everyone stoned from now on this trend might still continue.

4) Completely different context but I, too, hate when people are all "let's ignore our negative emotions and situations because only saying positive things is cool." It's so masturbatory to be like "I don't even give negativity the time of day because I'm special star-shine." Ripping on dumb shit is FUN! It brings people together! It de-stresses! It is what makes us human afterall

5) *Internet hug*
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