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Sorry to hear this Keith.

I believe people come in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. We are taught to believe everyone is supposed to be lifetime, it's just not true.

Didn't you have a guest on in the last couple of months that grew up around the Landmark Forum because her mother was part of it? She shared a story on the show about how they peer-pressured her as a teen into believing things she wasn't sure of and she thinks they are wackadoo.

And you can definitely believe in Mother's Intuition. That is definitely true. We may not always know exactly what's going on, but we've learned to listen to ourselves when our kids are involved.

Again, sorry.


**Keith, I thought about you describing some of her reactions and I think in my early 30s I may have reacted the same way she did, but add a dozen or so more years and my reactions are in line with your way of thinking. There might be something to that age difference thing.**
Amanda in Atlanta

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