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Originally Posted by The Girl View Post
The reason I went is because my life felt unmanageable. I relate to the patterns that people in the rooms were talking about. I was trying something that was recommended to me and it fit.

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Was part of it a thinking "why do I keep attracting people with this negative influence/pattern into my life repeatedly?" Because I understand that. My boyfriend's mom had said to me last year after another ruined friendship with someone "why does this keep happening to me" and I pointed out all the friendships she's mourning that ended, the common denominator was her, and the fact that she kept taking in wounded people under her wing - that was what was in common with all of them, that she took on some sort of caretaking/maternal role in that friendship. It was a huge eye-opener for her.

These meetings could help people, whether dealing with alcoholics or not, it's a form of free therapy and if it's helping you patch things up in your life then good! It's made me consider if I should check it out re: issues with my mother's alcoholism, even though i've cut off contact, it could be helpful regardless.
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