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There is a "methodone" for alcoholism. It's called Antabuse, or generic is Disulfirum. You can get it with a prescription. (Or from a Canadian website illegally.)
It makes your body allergic to alcohol for a period of time, about a week or two. If you drink while it's still in your system you feel weird as fuck, dizzy, rash etc. it makes you sick, that's the point.
I've had some decent success using it (I'm really small so I only take a quarter dose every few days) because I'm too scared to drink on it. The key is to take it regularly so you won't have a week or two where you think mayyyybe it's not still in your system (and then drink.)
I wouldn't recommend it if you think there's a chance you'd drink while taking it though bc it can really fuck your up.

I know this sounds extreme but my biggest problem w alcohol is not the physical addiction or cravings but years of the psychological checking out and talking myself back into drinking when I don't want to, so Antabuse helps to take my brain choices away.
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