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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
Was part of it a thinking "why do I keep attracting people with this negative influence/pattern into my life repeatedly?" Because I understand that. My boyfriend's mom had said to me last year after another ruined friendship with someone "why does this keep happening to me" and I pointed out all the friendships she's mourning that ended, the common denominator was her, and the fact that she kept taking in wounded people under her wing - that was what was in common with all of them, that she took on some sort of caretaking/maternal role in that friendship. It was a huge eye-opener for her.

These meetings could help people, whether dealing with alcoholics or not, it's a form of free therapy and if it's helping you patch things up in your life then good! It's made me consider if I should check it out re: issues with my mother's alcoholism, even though i've cut off contact, it could be helpful regardless.

It made me realize a lot of things. Mostly with patterns in my life.
I always learn something from the rooms.

If you've thought about going, that's a reason to go. If you think someone else should go to (any) meeting, usually you need one too. It's fun like that.

Let us know if you try it. Would love to hear what you thought.

Also, for those trying meetings for the first time, they will suggest to go to 6 different meetings before deciding. That's a great idea. When I first went, one of the first times I spoke I said something like this "so we all just share and no one responds to us?! I don't get it. I want answers". Someone spoke to me after that meeting and recommended other ones that ended up fitting me better.
My point is that in those rooms you can tell the truth. Tell your real thoughts so that you can get the clarity you need. I fact, it's very common to start shares with "I didn't even want to come here today".

Also, I'm so thrilled that our community is embracing life like this. Supporting each other in what a lot of people remain in the dark and ashamed by. Whatever we all went and go through, it helps to be heard and loved. It's needed for survival. Thank you all for being here!


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