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Originally Posted by AstoriaGirl View Post
Hm... maybe I should give a meeting another shot. I don't know if my problems are really in AlAnon's charter though. I don't have any drinkers in my life anymore and have decent boundaries, I'm just afraid I don't deserve happiness in life and that anything I enjoy will ultimately be taken from me... Is that like an AlAnon thing?
Can't say either way but it's free so why not try a couple.

For the record, you don't have to have active drinkers in your life in order for them to have affected you.

Look up meetings in your area. If one jumps at you, whether it's because of the name of the meeting, the topic, or it just fits your schedule. Sometimes, the first meeting is where you end up returning. Sometimes, you have to look in a couple rooms to find one that fits.
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