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Nope, not Dustin or Paul.

Here's the condensed back story. Every time I tell this story people come back with "WTF!". This all flared up after an incident on Easter. My parents, who live upstate, and my out of town sister were coming over to our house for Easter brunch. I own a dog and my mother-in-law, who lives next to us, brought her dog over to our house as well. The two dogs fought over some food they found in the kitchen. The two dogs were immediately separated and kept in different rooms. This triggered my father and sister who both have a notorious hatred of all animals. They began screaming that they were going to kill our dogs. My father charged at my mother-in-law from across the room and attempted to break her hand while trying to rip her dog away from her. After pulling him off of her, he then attacked my wife by grabbing her forearms and shoving her back. We finally got them to leave when we pulled out our phones and threatened to call the cops. My in-laws discussed filing a police report, but we naively thought that this would keep us entangled legally in New Hampshire when we were attempting to move cross country.

My brother, who was in Virginia at the time, must have felt that it was his duty to defend that side of the family. (For an idea of family dynamics, let's just say they are Trump supporters and my wife and I are definitely not). He may be on painkillers after suffering a back injury and is notorious for starting to drink first thing in the morning.

All of this sounds like a lot of trailer park bullshit, but I guess that's my life right now.
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