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Let me give you KATG goodies!!!

To all,

Please email me:

I want to give you KATG goodies! VIP bucks, stickers, shirts, etc.

I want to bring KATG shows to your area, I want to meet you at KATG Camp, I want to grow this community even more.

You were there when I had a tumor, when my nephews were born, when Keith recently declared sobriety and signed his divorce papers...

I love this collective of people. When the Keith and The Girl community gets together, the results have been babies being born, people getting married, gigantic laughter, love, and support. Tell me what it will take to help you to spread the word.

Want to give out stickers on your college campus? I'll send you free stickers.

Want to wear our shirt in your social media profile pic? I'll send you a shirt.

Want to write about our show on your blog? I'll give you access to VIP so you can get all the episodes.

Let me know your ideas, and let's try them! Email me:
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