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Are these Drag Queens or DRAMA Queens???

Well that sucks. I haven't heard the ep but here's my two cents. Doug Stanhope has a podcast. He's a total drunk, who is friends with big celebrities like Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp. He constantly has to censor himself because he's told coke stories and such - things these people want kept private. For being a drunk, he's pretty good at stopping guest questions with, "I can't talk about that - period."

He also has what he calls "Buyer's Remorse." This is where if the guest realizes they said something too sensitive/ may create legal issues/ etc he has his podcast engineer edit the offensive sound bites out.

Look. Ya got a podcast. A pod, (I mean if it's any good) it's gonna be more than a sound board for promotion. It's gonna have sensitive/private/ engaging stories. DO NOT ALLOW some guest make you second guess YOUR show. Be a good host. Honor their request. If something needs removed - fine. Removing an entire ep is offensive. That's YOUR time. It's YOUR show.

Doesn't Chemda have a list of do's and don'ts for guests? Like talk into mic and whatnot? Maybe write up a little something. Make it clear. This is a podcast where what you say being recorded and broadcast. Any regrets/ buyer's remorse will be honored. That sort of thing.

Good luck with your pod. This sort of thing happens. Don't take it to heart.
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