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Good guest - great conversation. For a new guest he really went with the flow.

Sex - although it's a long time ago as I am not young any more, but sometimes it was that having sex is what you wanted, not just having that person. That makes me a bad person, I know.

But I'm talking about for example once being drunk at a party in my early 20s - I "woke up" under a girl, who was riding me. I think I had blacked out. I finished. She not my type at all, and very aggressive when it came down to having sex, so I guess she raped me. Can't complain though, it WAS good sex.

Reminds me of a cruel joke (can't remember who said it) "Sex with a fat girl is like riding a moped. It ges you where you want to go, but you don't want your mates seeing you."

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