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Michael Cohen
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"Criminal Behavior"

I think the way Chemda uses the word "Criminal" does way more to confuse the issue than clarify it.
"Criminal" just refers to what is illegal in our society. Letting that in any way guide what we think is right or wrong will always convolute a conversation because laws in this (most/all?) country are created by a tiny, profit driven minority.
Pipeline blockading protesters are criminals. Undocumented immigrants are criminals. People who sell or distribute drugs without a license are criminals. Street artists/graffiti writers are criminals. People who try to stay in their homes after the bank forecloses are criminals.
Most catcalling is not criminal. Teargassing and beating peaceful protesters is not criminal. Fracking, shown to contaminate people's drinking water is not criminal. Nazis marching through the streets is not criminal. Punching one, or even just tearing up their signs, is. Wal-Mart paying their workers so little that you can work full time there and still need food stamps is not criminal, but taking food from Wal-Mart is.
I'm not, in this message, putting judgement on which of these should or should not be, just pointing out enough to make a point.
Sorry to be so lengthy, but my point is that discussing right and wrong in terms of legality, is not a useful discourse. We (y'all) are smart enough to navigate ethical discussions without defaulting to what corporations and politicians have told us, often to protect themselves and their profits.
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