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Originally Posted by The Girl View Post
Ashwagansa- 400mg
Tumeric- 2,000mg
Black Seed Oil (cumin)- 500mg
Probiotic- 8 billion CFUs (probiotic and prebiotic)
Oil of Oregano- 460 mg
Hawaiian Astaxanthin/Spirulina- 8mg
Glucosamine HCL- 1500mg
Biotin- 5000mcg Omega 3- 100mg (DHA 50mg)
Vitamin C- 500mg
Calcium- 500mg (vitamin D3 800IU)
Chemda, is Hennessey basing this selection of supplements on any research papers or is this all from anecdotal online testimony from people with MG?

I'm not as broadly knowledgeable as Apia would be but I'm a researcher in the field of chemistry. I would definitely err on the side of having some confidence in what Hennessy has read in depth about. My specific experience however would have me concerned about online hype around things designation as 'super foods' when it hasn't been quantitatively studied. The boost in energy people report when they have wheatgrass smoothies for example is their body gearing up to fight off toxins from the wheatgrass.

Also, I'll just add that the identity of the active culture in your probiotic is very important (I think it can be difficult to get anything that isn't just the standard yoghurt culture). How much resistant starch and fiber do you get in your diet? Not to be funny but the description of your farts and bowel health over the podcast since your tumor make me think that either you're supplementing more than your stomach can handle (or not absorbing well) orrrr something is going on with your gut microbiome.

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