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Obvious statement: everything requires moderation.

Vitamins are OK, depending on what they are. If we're generally talking about addiction, being addicted to basic vitamins is completely different from being addicted to sleeping pills.

Melatonin is OK, sleeping pills are in the iffy territory. I understand Keith takes them sparingly and doesn't seem to be mixing them with other drugs.

As well, I think Chemda is right that Keith has taken part in criminal behaviour in the past, but, to me, his don't seem as bad as the other guests mentioned on the show. Those were ongoing acts, at a much larger scale, and affected a lot of people. And I suppose the stuff he did is in the past. I have a feeling some of these guests and friends, as much as I enjoy them, only stopped their behaviour because they were caught by law enforcement and were a little shamed by the public / listeners.

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