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Originally Posted by invader View Post
Forgiveness and rehabilitation is totally a thing considering Keith spent time in jail for check fraud and no one seemed to mention/remember it.

The idea of men getting scared of a "reckoning" is hilariously sad. I will say on the same topic, just saying "look it up" to someone who doesn't see both sides is glib and dismissive and ensures this attitude and behavior is going to continue. It's not that simple and requires discussion. Also look it up where? links, references?

When we say “look it up” I’m pretty sure it’s usually in the context of “we’ve been talking, yelling, and discussing it like our life depends on it. So before you are just fully dismissive, open ANY channel of information. We are asking people to ask why people are yelling.

People will get upset if, while the topic is peaking in discussion, people say things like “eh, but it’s always been this way”.

So maybe we shouldn’t say “look it up” except that I don’t think that’s the first thing we say. So, by the time someone hears that, they only hear an exacerbated person.

And then the cycle begins. “Why are you so mad”.

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