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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
Ok, now I'm mad.
I found what Kaitlyn said at the end of the podcast disgusting.
" I think more about marriage now, because it is the best to be a rich white man's property"
So the slightest discomfort or danger shows up ( she is a white woman and not a black person or a Muslim or trans) and now all the progressiveness is forgotten.

"Now the personal comfort is more important, good luck to the oppressed groups but I'm going to cuddle with my Trump like husband in my mansion, it worked for Melania, didn't it?"

I think this is the white feminism people talk about and I didn't understand till now.
Being a feminism as long it doesn't cost you anything, but if it might, just sell your soul.
The other groups don't have the luxury to do so, a black woman can't easily marry a white rich guy. A Muslim or trans person or a gay woman is also not in the position.
But who cares. Just buy another fur jacket and some diamonds and close the door on them. Tell your white guy how great he is so he can make more money.

I don't wonder anymore why so many white women voted for Trump. This is the explanation and it's awful. I don't want to be in this group.
Do I subscribe to the idea of marrying a white man to survive the current climate? No

Do I understand how different the brain of a woman who has sold her body to survive works? Yes

We arenít perfect, none of us, even the former sex worker feminists.

Iím not white, but I look it... I used to use my looks to get me ahead, now I try not to... till women rule the world, letís help each other when we can, even the white women that want to marry rich men to survive.. (except Melania, fuck that bitch)

Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
Meme isn't hard to find; her laugh carries 'cause she throws her head back like a gorgeous unicorn. she's also an amazing first contact. look for the fanciest bitch having the best time.
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